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Profile Cutting



We refer to this process as profile cutting, because we help our wide range of customers cut precise parts out of materials such as steel, composites, aluminium, plastic, rubber and wood. By having a tried and tested production process we can optimise productivity and material usage, saving time and minimising waste material.

Utilising market leading equipment and having a trusted network of material suppliers and couriers, we can offer customers throughout the United Kingdom a complete profile cutting solutions using waterjet cutting technologies.

Part of our service includes providing customers with technical advice to ensure we deliver profile cut parts that perfectly match needs and specification, time and time again.

Waterjet has been a leading subcontractor since 2007 and has a trusted reputation by clients from a wide range of industries. Investment in high quality Bystronic waterjet cutters ensures that we always have the capacity to offer customers the best profile cutting service whatever industry and wherever they are.


Waterjet cutting is a cutting process which uses a fine jet of water at very high pressure to cut a wide range of materials, including carbon fibre, steel, aluminium, titanium, plastic, wood and rubber. Water is pumped through a fine nozzle at over 20,000psi, which achieves an exceptional cleanly cut without putting any heat into the material, unlike laser cutting and plasma cutting.

The cutting force is very low, allowing us to cut soft materials like rubber without any distortion. A profile cut with a waterjet has a superior surface finish to other cutting methods, which is a huge benefit as no additional finishing is needed, saving clients valuable time and money.

Waterjet profile cutting can cut a wide variety of materials such as steel, titanium, brass, granite, stone, ceramic, glass, rubber, wood, and plastic It is capable of cutting thicknesses from very thin plastic right up to steel plate more than 200 millimetres thick. Waterjet cutting is particularly effective when thick aluminium or stainless steel plates needs to be precisely cut, a process which is not possible with a laser cutter.

Our profile cutting services use CAD files and precisely controlled waterjet cutting machines to profile cut parts to your exact specification. We have two waterjet machines with a cutting range of 3000mm x 1500mm and a maximum sheet thickness of 200mm. All waterjet profile cut parts are thoroughly cleaned prior to dispatch and are delivered by our reliable courier partners.

CAD drawings can be provided electronically in DXF and DWG format or our inhouse CAD programmers will create a CAD file from your drawing or sample should you need help.


There are two primary advantages that waterjet cutting has over other cutting methods. The first being the ability to cut parts without creating any heat. In many instances, when cutting softer materials, heat will result in melting, warping and discoloration, making it impossible to cut the part accurately and reliably. When profile cutting harder and thicker materials, heat can change the physical properties of the material, making additional machining difficult.

The second advantage is how versatile waterjet cutting is when profile cutting parts from a range of materials. Unlike laser cutting which is limited to cutting metals and aluminium, our waterjet machinery can cut intricate shapes, very accurately out of a wide range of materials. This is a huge benefit for many industries such as manufacturing, marine, aerospace, architecture and motorsport, where quality, consistency and reliability are the highest priority.

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We Provide Profile Cutting for Virtually Any Material

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Our staff have decades of combined waterjet cutting experience, so you can be sure that your cut parts are finished to the highest standards, every time without fail.

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We work with customers throughout the United Kingdom, who need quality waterjet cut parts and we ensure a hassle free product process right through to final delivery.

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We only use the best machinery from Bystronic to ensure quality and consistency, whatever the material.

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To ensure we offer all our customers the highest quality waterjet cutting service, we continually monitor our procedures to ensure we meet our IS09001 certification.