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A punch press use sets of punches and dies controlled by a hydraulic ram to form parts out of sheet metal, the metal is formed and cut by the punch press into a pre determined part.

Advantages of waterjets

Waterjets have a lower cost-per-piece for short runs compared to a punch or die press, due to the time and expensive to create the dies and punches. Creating the CAD drawing for a part is all that is needed when using waterjet cutting, with a punch press the drawing is only the beginning of a length process.

Lateral forces with a waterjet cutting are negligible, meaning holes can be placed very close to the material edge, minimising waste. Waterjets can also cut very thick materials, unlike punch presses which are limited by the pressure that can be applied and are also capable of cutting a variety of materials not just metal.

Waterjet cutting can be a complimentary tool to punch presses offering a wide range of capabilities. For high production of thin sheet-metal, the stamp will be more profitable in many cases, but for short runs, difficult or thick materials, waterjet cutting is far more favorable.

Waterjets also play an import part of a larger manufacturing process, where they are often used to machine features into an existing part. Waterjet Industries are perfectly placed to be your subcontracting partner.

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