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What materials can a waterjet cut


Waterjet cutting is a unique, highly effective process to produce clean cuts for a wide range of materials not capable by other cutting methods. Due to there being no heat created during the cutting process, it is the best way to avoid costly heat damage and distortion while still guaranteeing a perfectly cut clean edge. There is almost a limitless list of materials that can be cut by a waterjet, all with the advantage of no heat transfer. In many instances, when cutting softer materials, heat will result in melting, warping and discoloration, making it impossible to cut the part accurately and reliably. When cutting harder and thicker materials, heat can change the physical properties of the material, making additional machining for the client difficult and time consuming.



Many different composite materials, in particular reinforced plastics can be cut with a waterjet. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics can also be cut quickly and cleanly, making waterjets cutting the perfect method for the aerospace and motorsport industries. Using a waterjet to cut composite materials will negate the danger of melting, ensuring the shape and structural stength of the material are not affected.

Fibreglass and other reinforced fibre materials can also be cut quickly and cleanly without the dangers of hazardouus dust and fumes.


Cutting steel is one of the most common uses for waterjet cutting. Waterjets can cut all grades of steel upto 200mm thick, with an exceptionally smooth edge without burn marks or buring. This is one of the key benefits against other heat based cutting methods such as laser cutting, which can also only cut up to 25mm in most cases. Using heat methods can weaken the integrity of the part, making waterjet cutting more favorable. Not having a heat affected zone makes waterjet cutting a great option when fabricating products for the food, aerospace and marine industries. Waterjets can even be used to cut hardened steel, it can be cut in a fully hardened state without change to the metal properties.

All grades of stainless steel can be cut using a waterjet, in particular 304 and 316, which are both difficult to cut without heat distortion. This is a huge benefit where surface finish and dimensional accuracy are paramount.

A range of metals other than steel can also be cut with a waterjet. One of the most widely cut is aluminumn, the reason for this is alloys are notoriously difficult to machine without heat or distortion, but with the use of a waterjet cutter this is not the case, precisely cut parts can be completely quickly and cleanly. Other metals that we regularly cut include titanium, copper and brass, all of which benefit from the same heat free cutting process.


Beyond composites and metals, we can cut most materials using a waterjet.

Stone, concrete, tile and ceramics can be cut with with great effect, making waterjet cutting the ideal tool for granite countertops, architectural features and decorative panels.

Softer materials such as rubber and foam can be cut using a water-only nozzle without teh addition of an abrasive. When cutting fibre reinforced rubber we use an abrasive waterjet process to achieve an accurate cleanly cut edge.

Waterjet cutting in also very effective at cutting glass and has the advantage that it can be used to cut any shape, traditional cutting methods cannot achieve this as the pressure applied by the cutting tool will crack and break the glass.

You can even cut wood with a waterjet cutter… narrow precise cuts and no splintering or delamination are just some of the benefits when using water jet cutters.

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