Waterjet cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, South England and Wales.


Welcome to Waterjet – the Premier Waterjet cutting subcontractor in Southern England. Our state-of-the-art facilities have the capability of dealing with your most demanding cutting requirements from bespoke one-offs’ to full scale production requirements.

We pride ourselves on servicing Engineering companies locally in the Devon, Cornwall, Bristol and Wales area as well as companies Nationally who recognise & require the benefits of using Waterjet for their precision profiling needs, our consistent Quality and short Lead-times.

With the ability to accurately profile ferrous, non ferrous, nickel alloys and other materials, Waterjet is fast becoming the go-to choice for high precision complex profiling where maintaining the materials inherent structure is critical to the end user requirements. As there is no ‘heat-affected zone’ (HAZ) metals are able to be cut and profiled without harming or changing intrinsic properties, removing the requirement for additional and expensive heat treatment. No heat is used in the waterjet cutting process so the risk of ‘back splatter’ is minimal, therefore providing our customers a higher quality finished part.

We work with many different market sectors including aerospace, automotive, marine, oil and gas, power generation and precision engineering. Architectural companies are increasingly understanding the benefits of using Waterjet profiling over conventional machining processes. High precision, high quality parts that have no HAZ require less post profiling processing therefore reducing our customers lead-time and spend per component.

Waterjet cutting technology is also more environmentally friendly than conventional machining as it uses no noxious gases or liquids and the waterjets do not create hazardous vapours.

Since 2007 Waterjet have based our entire operation on providing exceptional quality, short lead-times and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Several of our customers treat Waterjet as extensions of their core business, letting us take care of ordering, purchasing, storage & material handling on their behalf allowing them to become more LEAN in there manufacturing processes.


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